Homeschooling For Dummies

Höfundur: Jennifer Kaufeld
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Homeschooling For Dummies

Rafræn sending. Upplýsingar verða sendar á netfangið þitt eftir kaup
Rafbók til eignar. Rafbók til eignar þarf að hlaða niður á þau tæki sem þú vilt nota innan eins árs frá því bókin er keypt. Útgáfa: 2


  • Cover
  • Introduction
    • About This Book
    • Foolish Assumptions
    • Icons Used in This Book
    • Beyond the Book
    • Where to Go from Here
  • Part 1: Heading to Homeschooling
    • Chapter 1: Answering the Big Questions
      • Getting to This Point
      • Knowing Not to Know It All
      • Affording It
      • Hanging in There
      • Breaking the News to Mom
      • Addressing Socialization, the Hot Homeschooling Buzzword
      • Presenting the Issue of the Year
    • Chapter 2: Taking the Leap
      • Realizing That Anger Is Not Enough
      • Determining What’s Best for Your Family
      • Creating Solutions for Special Situations
      • Beginning the Journey
    • Chapter 3: Complying with Uncle Sam
      • Conducting Yourself (Yes, Ma’am) in Accordance with State Law
      • Locating Your State’s Law
      • Counting Out the School Days
      • Calling a Truce: Interacting with Your Local School
    • Chapter 4: Pulling Them Out and Starting from Scratch
      • Making Those First Days Count
      • Rebuilding Your Family Unit
      • Starting from the Very Beginning
      • Drawing on Your Strengths and Filling in the Gaps
  • Part 2: Tackling Kids of Any Age
    • Chapter 5: Teaching Your Toddler While You Change Your Baby
      • Juggling Primers, Preschoolers, and Diapers
      • Surviving Life with a Toddler
      • Covering the Preschool Basics
    • Chapter 6: Covering the Elementary Years
      • Setting Out with Elementary Students
      • Learning through Language Arts: Reading and Grammar
      • Eating Your Way through Math
      • Going beyond “Our Community Helpers”
      • Firing Up the Bunson Burner
      • Timing Is Everything
    • Chapter 7: Handling Junior High
      • Beginning in the Middle
      • Keeping Track of It All
      • Putting Grades to the Test
    • Chapter 8: Help! I Have a High Schooler
      • Starting at the Eleventh Hour (or Eleventh Grade)
      • Switching before the Last Bell
      • Dancing the High School Subject Tango
      • Planning for the Tidy Transcript
      • Prepping for College
      • ACTing on Your InSATiable Desire for Standardized Tests
    • Chapter 9: Completing Twelfth Grade Doesn’t Mean It’s Over
      • Spreading Their Wings and Earning Their Keep
      • Strapping on the Tool Belt
      • Continuing Homeschool through College
  • Part 3: Choosing Your Cornerstone: Basic Curriculum Options
    • Chapter 10: Orbiting as a Satellite School under the Umbrella
      • Riding the Satellite
      • Opting for a Complete Curriculum across the Distance
      • Pinpointing a Program
      • Matching Your Needs with Their Offerings
    • Chapter 11: Does Classical Education Mean Teaching Vivaldi?
      • Classifying It Classical
      • Assembling Your Classical Curriculum Components
      • Gathering More Information
    • Chapter 12: Reading Real Living Books with Charlotte
      • Calling Charlotte Mason
      • Putting Together Your Package
    • Chapter 13: Mining the Montessori Method
      • Exploring at Their Own Pace
      • Setting Up Your Space
      • Walking through the Day
    • Chapter 14: Wandering through Nature with Waldorf
      • Working Together with Head, Hands, and Heart
      • Locating a Waldorf-Style Curriculum
    • Chapter 15: Teaching Them What They Want to Learn
      • Unveiling the Integrated Unit Study
      • Changing Pace with Unit Studies
      • Focusing on Project-Based Learning
      • Designing Unit Studies
    • Chapter 16: Unschooling: A Walk on the Relaxed Side
      • Raising Eyebrows and Suspicions
      • Fitting the Bill
      • Learning through the Course of a Day
      • Filling Your Home with Unschooling Tools
      • Recording Their Progress
    • Chapter 17: Hitting the Road with Worldschooling
      • Roadschooling versus Worldschooling
      • Choosing Your Academic Approach
    • Chapter 18: Charting Your Own Academic Course Eclectically
      • Knowing Whether Your Kid’s Kinesthetic
      • Pulling from Different Publishers
      • Writing a Curriculum from Scratch: The Diehard Approach
    • Chapter 19: Special Concerns for Special Students
      • Considering Yourself Capable
      • Guiding the Gifted
      • Teaching the Medically Fragile
      • Getting the Goods You Need
  • Part 4: Nailing Down the Details
    • Chapter 20: Defining Your School Space
      • Making Room for Chalk
      • Deciding between the Den, the Dining Room, or the Whole Darn Place
    • Chapter 21: Cutting the Costs and Searching for Stuff
      • Slashing Curriculum Prices
      • Sourcing Your Curriculum
      • Attending a Homeschool Conference
      • Hearing It from the Horse’s Mouth
      • Tapping the Fountain of Fellow Homeschoolers
      • Asking for the Discount
      • Breaking Out the Library Card
      • Understanding Copyright: What Is Fair Educational Use?
    • Chapter 22: Teaching Your Traditions
      • Christian Curriculum
      • Jewish Resources
      • Islamic Resources
      • Pagan Resources
      • African American Resources
      • Native American Resources
    • Chapter 23: Turning Chaos into Organization
      • Tracking Your Week with a Planner
      • Seeking the Paperless Society
      • Thirty Days Hath September …
      • Scheduling for Sanity
      • Keeping Your School Spotless
      • Feeling the Burnout
    • Chapter 24: Making the Grade
      • Deciding Whether to Keep Grades
      • Tracking Those Unit Studies
      • Keeping a State-Required Portfolio
      • Testing Standardized’s Validity
    • Chapter 25: Plugging in Your Schoolroom
      • Schooling at Home … But Online
      • Coursing through the Internet
      • ’Net-ting Resources
      • Touring the World without Leaving Your Desk
      • Enhancing Your Subjects with Electronic Errata
    • Chapter 26: Connecting with Like-Minded Souls
      • Finding Homeschoolers Online Who Share Your Passions
      • Networking Isn’t Just for Computer Geeks
      • Associating and Consorting
      • Praying for Guidance
      • Getting Together for Socialization
      • TEAM: Together, Everyone Achieves More
  • Part 5: Making Your Year Sing with Extras
    • Chapter 27: Adding Spice with Special Classes
      • Making Time for the Extras
      • Bringing Out Their Inner Artists
      • Go Ahead — Be Dramatic
      • Taking Some Laps
      • Cooking Up a Storm
      • Bantering about Birds and Bees
      • Parlez-vous Greek?
      • Cleaning the House and Calling It Schoolwork
    • Chapter 28: Making It Adventurous with Activities and Groups
      • Dirtying Your Hands with a Project
      • Pretending It’s Le Louvre
      • Getting Past Bugs Bunny
      • Volunteering Builds Compassion
      • Packing Up the Minivan
      • Seeing the Sights or Staying at Home
      • Finding an Organization That Helps You Grow
      • Thinking about Playing or Playing to Think?
      • Ante Up
      • Thrilling the Engineer’s Heart
  • Part 6: The Part of Tens
    • Chapter 29: Ten Educational Games That Enhance Your School Day
      • Anti-Monopoly
      • Evolution
      • Forbidden Island/Desert
      • The Garden Game
      • How Do You See the World?
      • Into the Forest
      • Krypto
      • Periodic
      • Spell Smashers
      • Wingspan
    • Chapter 30: Ten Common Homeschool Fears
      • My child will never make friends if I homeschool.
      • I don’t know enough to teach my child.
      • My child will miss out on socialization.
      • I will buy the wrong curriculum.
      • My child will learn less at home than he does at school.
      • I’ll never have free time again.
      • My child may not be learning at the right pace.
      • I won’t be able to do it all.
      • After I start, I have to do this forever.
      • I’m not keeping the right (or enough) records on my child’s progress.
  • Part 7: Appendixes
    • Appendix A: Homeschooling Curriculum and Resources
    • Appendix B: State-by-State Homeschool Associations
    • Appendix C: Speaking the Language: Educational and Homeschooling Terms
  • Index
  • About the Author
  • Connect with Dummies
  • End User License Agreement


Bókahillan þín er þitt svæði og þar eru bækurnar þínar geymdar. Þú kemst í bókahilluna þína hvar og hvenær sem er í tölvu eða snjalltæki. Einfalt og þægilegt!

Rafbók til eignar
Rafbók til eignar þarf að hlaða niður á þau tæki sem þú vilt nota innan eins árs frá því bókin er keypt.

Þú kemst í bækurnar hvar sem er
Þú getur nálgast allar raf(skóla)bækurnar þínar á einu augabragði, hvar og hvenær sem er í bókahillunni þinni. Engin taska, enginn kyndill og ekkert vesen (hvað þá yfirvigt).

Auðvelt að fletta og leita
Þú getur flakkað milli síðna og kafla eins og þér hentar best og farið beint í ákveðna kafla úr efnisyfirlitinu. Í leitinni finnur þú orð, kafla eða síður í einum smelli.

Glósur og yfirstrikanir
Þú getur auðkennt textabrot með mismunandi litum og skrifað glósur að vild í rafbókina. Þú getur jafnvel séð glósur og yfirstrikanir hjá bekkjarsystkinum og kennara ef þeir leyfa það. Allt á einum stað.

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Þú lagar síðuna að þínum þörfum. Stækkaðu eða minnkaðu myndir og texta með multi-level zoom til að sjá síðuna eins og þér hentar best í þínu námi.

Fleiri góðir kostir
- Þú getur prentað síður úr bókinni (innan þeirra marka sem útgefandinn setur)
- Möguleiki á tengingu við annað stafrænt og gagnvirkt efni, svo sem myndbönd eða spurningar úr efninu
- Auðvelt að afrita og líma efni/texta fyrir t.d. heimaverkefni eða ritgerðir
- Styður tækni sem hjálpar nemendum með sjón- eða heyrnarskerðingu


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