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Running a Bar For Dummies

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  • Introduction
    • About This Book
    • Foolish Assumptions
    • Icons Used in This Book
    • Beyond the Book
    • Where to Go from Here
  • Part I: Cheers! Getting Started in the Bar Industry
    • Chapter 1: Bar Business Basics
      • Deciding Whether the Bar Business Is Right for You
        • Why do you want to be in the bar business?
        • What do you expect to get out of your place?
      • Starting Fresh or Taking Over an Existing Bar?
        • Location, location, location
        • Getting in with the right people
      • Staying on Top of the Latest Bar Trends
      • Figuring Out Your Financial and Legal Obligations
        • Setting yourself up to succeed
        • Hiring other people to help you steer the ship
      • Bringing In the Crowds and Keeping Them Coming Back
    • Chapter 2: Understanding What It Takes to Own and Operate a Bar
      • Social Skills 101: Do You Really Like People (And Their Problems)?
        • Considering your motivation
        • Mastering the key traits of a successful bar owner
        • Checking your expectations
      • Staying on the Positive Side of the Success–Failure Rate
        • Why do so many fail?
        • Figuring out why others succeed
      • Understanding the Financial Ramifications
        • Preparing yourself for personal guarantees
        • Accepting the worst-case scenario
        • Looking at the upside
      • Balancing Your Bar Life with Your Personal Life
        • Combining your professional and social lives
        • Celebrating holidays, birthdays, and other special times with family and friends
        • Getting support from your family
        • What if you really need a vacation?
    • Chapter 3: Minding the Money and the Law
      • Figuring Out Your Start-Up Costs
      • Financing Your New Business
        • Contacting a bank
        • Beg, borrow, or sweat: Finding partners
      • Familiarizing Yourself with Liquor Laws and Other Legalities
        • Obtaining a liquor license
        • Other legal requirements
      • Getting to Know the Health Inspector
        • Establishing a regular cleaning schedule
        • Avoiding cross-contamination
        • Keeping critters out
      • Bringing In the Big Three: Accountants, Insurance Agents, and Attorneys
        • Hiring an accountant
        • Working with an attorney
        • Protecting yourself with insurance
      • Taking Over an Existing Bar: Some Things to Watch For
      • Looking Closely at Contractor Paperwork
        • Getting your Certificate of Occupancy
        • Fire codes and capacity
    • Chapter 4: Deciding What Type of Bar to Have
      • Determining Your Bar’s Potential Market
        • Conducting your own market research
        • What type of clientele do you want?
        • Using competitive analysis
        • Scratch that niche: Identifying an opportunity
      • Exploring Your Options: What Kind of Bar Do You Want?
        • Sports bar
        • Local drinking establishment
        • Upscale lounge
        • Martini bar or lounge
        • Wine bar
        • Bar and grill
        • Live entertainment venue
      • Remembering to Choose One Theme and Be Good at It
  • Part II: Gearing Up to Open the Doors
    • Chapter 5: Putting Your Business Plan Together
      • What’s a Business Plan and Why Should You Create One?
      • Considering the Benefits of Having a Business Plan
      • Looking at the Parts of Your Plan
        • The cover page and table of contents
        • Your business concept
        • A sample drink and food menu
        • Market analysis and clientele demographics
        • Your management team
      • Putting Your Financial Forecasts on Paper
        • Forecasting your sales
        • Forecasting your expenses
        • Forecasting your cash flow
        • Generating an income statement
        • Creating a balance sheet
    • Chapter 6: Selecting Your Bar’s Site, Décor, and Name
      • Finding Your Bar’s Ideal Location
        • Is location truly everything?
        • Identifying possible areas
        • Knowing what to avoid
        • Considering traffic and parking in the area
        • Thinking about a location’s security
        • Comparing an apple (martini) to an orange (whip): The final choice
      • Choosing and Establishing Your Bar’s Name
        • The name: A few words about your bar
        • Protecting your bar name and trademarks
      • Picking Out Your Bar’s Décor
        • Finding furniture
        • Looking at lighting
        • Figuring out flooring
        • Working on the walls
        • Considering environmental branding: Sights, sounds, and smells
      • Fun and Games: TVs, Video Games, Pool Tables, and More
        • Tuning in with TVs and programming
        • Considering games for your bar
      • Music, Professor! Jukeboxes, DJs, and Live Tunes
        • Getting your jukebox
        • Finding and signing live performers
        • Hiring a DJ or karaoke company
    • Chapter 7: Stocking Up on Smallwares and Equipment
      • Picking Out Your Bar Equipment
        • Getting your glassware
        • Touching on basic bar tools
        • Stocking up on smallwares
        • Stocking the table
      • Acquiring Bar Appliances
      • Selecting Kitchen Appliances
      • Leasing versus Buying, New versus Used
        • Looking at leasing
        • Negotiating for new equipment
        • Evaluating used equipment
    • Chapter 8: Setting Up Your Bar’s Inventory
      • Creating Your Storerooms
        • Tracking your day-to-day inventory
        • Securing your inventory
      • Keeping Your Inventory Well Stocked
        • Stocking your drink items
        • Stocking your basic food items
      • Items for the Back of the House (Like Restrooms!)
    • Chapter 9: Planning and Creating Your Menus
      • Planning Your Food Menu 101
        • Figuring out what kind of food to serve
        • Considering what hours to serve food
        • Determining the size of your menu
        • Analyzing your kitchen space
        • Thinking about signature dishes
        • Establishing good-quality recipes
      • Planning Your Drink Menu 101
        • Selecting beers for your menu
        • Creating a signature cocktail menu
        • Planning your wine list
        • Including nonalcoholic drinks
      • Pricing Your Menus Right
        • Using food cost to price your menu
        • Pricing your drinks
      • Designing and Printing Your Menus
        • Experimenting with layout
        • Menu engineering basics
        • Writing the menu text
        • Passing along the costs to your vendors
        • Placing your menus in the bar
      • Making Changes to Your Menu
  • Part III: Employees, Customers, and Products: Managing the “Right Stuff”
    • Chapter 10: Hiring, Training, and Keeping Your Employees
      • Identifying the Players on Your Team
        • Front of the house: Bartenders, servers, hostesses, and security staff
        • Back of the house: Cooks and dishwashers
        • Managers
      • Finding the Right Employees
        • Sourcing potential employees
        • Interviewing candidates
        • Testing bartenders and servers before hiring them
        • Selecting the best applicants for your bar
        • Making the job offer
        • Must-have forms for hiring staff members
      • Training New Employees
        • Creating standards and keeping them up
        • Providing on-the-job training
        • Developing a mentoring program
      • Improving Employee Performance
        • Growing employee skill sets
        • Motivating your staff
      • When It Doesn’t Work Out: Dismissing Employees
        • Looking at causes for immediate termination
        • Considering the legal issues involved
        • Changing staffing levels during a business slowdown
    • Chapter 11: Rule #1: Practicing Good Customer Service
      • Why Customer Service Is So Important
        • Making people feel important
        • Building customer loyalty
      • Training Your Team in the Art of Customer Service
        • Hiring people with a service mind-set
        • Answering the phone
        • Establishing service standards
        • Empowering your staff to make things right
        • Keeping your employees in the loop
      • Dealing with Difficult Customer Situations
        • Handling unhappy customers
        • Handling intoxicated patrons
        • What to do with troublemakers
    • Chapter 12: Boning Up on Bar Beverages
      • Knowing the Bar Basics and Then Some
        • Wondering about wines
        • Appreciating beer
        • Demystifying distilled spirits and liqueurs
        • Musing over mixers
      • Mixing and Pouring the Best Drinks in Town
        • Choosing your pouring strategy
        • Pouring the perfect beer
        • Maintaining your draft beer equipment
        • Considering the importance of ice
        • Shaking versus stirring
      • Prettifying Drinks with Garnishes
        • Having fun with citrus fruit
        • Other must-have garnishes
        • Rimming: Why, when, and how to do it
    • Chapter 13: Getting Ready for Your Grand Opening, Step by Step
      • Figuring Out How Much Time You Need to Prepare
      • One Year Out: Planning!
      • Nine Months Out: Finding Funds, a Location, and POS Systems
      • Seven Months Out: Signing the Lease and Setting Up Finances
      • Six Months Out: Getting Organized!
      • Five Months Out: Building and Buying
      • Four Months Out: Manuals and Menus
      • Three Months Out: Supervisors, Suppliers, and Vendors
      • Two Months Out: Preparing to Hire, Attending to Details
      • Six Weeks Out: Finalizing All Paperwork
      • Thirty Days Out: Navigating the Final Month
      • Ten Days Out: Fine-Tuning
      • Three Days Out: Dress Rehearsal!
      • The Day Before: Relaxing before the Big Opening
  • Part IV: Managing Your Inventory, Revenue, and Future
    • Chapter 14: Controlling Expenses and Operating Efficiently
      • Perusing the Power of Purchasing
        • Putting together your list of supplies
        • Finding the best suppliers for your bar
        • Using purchase orders (POs)
        • Reordering your supplies
      • Maintaining Your Bar’s Inventory
        • Par levels: Consistently keeping enough product on hand
        • Taking your bar’s inventory
      • Paying Attention to What Goes On in Your Bar
        • Reducing waste
        • Battling breakage
        • Reducing and eliminating theft
        • Watching out for your staff’s sticky fingers
    • Chapter 15: Keeping Your Bar’s Bottom Line from Hitting Bottom
      • Reading Your Income Statement
      • Deciphering Your Balance Sheet
      • Analyzing Reports in the Bar Business
        • Using a daily business review
        • Controlling cash flow
        • Creating a cost of goods sold (COGS) report
      • Setting Up Your Payroll System
        • Determining your payroll period
        • Doing payroll yourself or outsourcing it
      • Keeping and Protecting Your Records
        • Preventing identity theft
        • Hackers be gone! Protecting your computer system
    • Chapter 16: Building and Keeping Your Bar Crowd
      • Generating Word of Mouth
        • Making sure everyone knows your name (and logo)
        • Whipping up a website
        • Getting your employees excited about your place
        • Making the most of community involvement
      • Getting New Customers in the Door
        • Handling your first customers: The grand-opening crowd
        • Promoting your, uh, promotions
        • Drink and food specials
        • Making the most of music
      • Using Social Media to Build Your Business
        • Trying out Twitter
        • Finding friends on Facebook
        • Understanding Yelp
        • Figuring out Foursquare
      • Giving Your Customers a Reason to Come Back
        • Ensuring good customer service
        • Making changes to your business as necessary
      • Maintaining Your Success
        • Researching your competition
        • Staying marketplace savvy
  • Part V: The Part of Tens
    • Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Run a Safe Bar
      • Hiring Safely
      • Practicing Fire Safety
      • Using Video Cameras
      • Using Locks and Alarms
      • Preventing Slips and Falls
      • Installing Lighting
      • Checking IDs
      • Serving Hot Food
      • Keeping a First-Aid Kit
      • Following Handicapped and Discrimination Laws
    • Chapter 18: Ten Myths about Running a Bar
      • The Hours and Days Are Short
      • Free Drinks All Day, Every Day
      • There’s Not Too Much Paperwork
      • Your Family Will Want to Work for You
      • You Can Hire Good Help in a Snap
      • You Know Everything about Everything
      • Nobody Would Steal from You
      • Everyone Is Trustworthy
      • Everyone Loves the Boss
      • Anyone Can Run a Bar or Tavern
    • Chapter 19: Ten Bar Owner Sins Not to Commit, Ever
      • Depending on Your Friends and Family
      • Extending Lines of Credit to Customers
      • Allowing Gambling or Betting
      • Not Taking the Keys from an Intoxicated Patron
      • Believing the Customer Needs “Just One More”
      • Lending Money to Anyone
      • Becoming Romantically Involved with an Employee
      • Drinking and Working
      • Last Call Is Last Call. The End. No More!
      • Not Paying All Your Taxes
  • Appendix: Useful Websites for Every Bar Owner
    • Bar Supplies and Equipment
    • Beer
    • Spirits
    • Wines
    • Logo and Menu Design
    • Trade Associations and Industry Information
  • About the Authors
  • Cheat Sheet
  • More Dummies Products


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Vörumerki: Dummies Series
Vörunúmer: 9781118880777
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Running a Bar For Dummies

Vörumerki: Dummies Series
Vörunúmer: 9781118880777
Rafræn bók. Uppl. sendar á netfangið þitt eftir kaup

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