Real Estate License Exams For Dummies with Online Practice Tests

Höfundur: John A. Yoegel
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Real Estate License Exams For Dummies with Online Practice Tests

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Rafbók til eignar. Rafbók til eignar þarf að hlaða niður á þau tæki sem þú vilt nota innan eins árs frá því bókin er keypt. Útgáfa: 4


  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Introduction
    • About This Book
    • Foolish Assumptions
    • Icons Used in This Book
    • Beyond This Book
    • Where to Go from Here
  • Part 1: Putting Real Estate License Exams into Perspective
    • Chapter 1: Sold! Taking a Glance at Real Estate License Exams
      • Checking Out Licensing and Exam Basics
      • Sign Me Up: Registering for the Exam
      • Knowing What to Take to the Exam … and What to Leave at Home
      • Scoring High: Figuring Out How Scores Are Determined
      • Take Two: Retaking the Exam
    • Chapter 2: Using Successful Study and Test-Taking Techniques
      • One Word to Get You Through: PREPARE
      • Trying Terrific Test-Taking Strategies
  • Part 2: So You Want to Sell Real Estate: The Job and Basic Laws
    • Chapter 3: The Job: It Isn’t Just Driving People Around
      • Recognizing Those in the Real Estate Business and How They Got There
      • Knowing What a Real Estate Broker/Salesperson Does
      • Understanding How a Real Estate Broker/Salesperson Gets Paid
      • Working Hard: Career Opportunities
      • Property Management: A Special Kind of Career Opportunity
      • Managing a Real Estate Office: You’re the Boss, Ms. or Mr. Broker
      • Working As an Independent Contractor
      • Focusing on Job-Related Laws That You Need to Understand
      • Review Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 4: Understanding Agency Law
      • Becoming Someone’s Real Estate Agent: You’re Hired
      • Keeping the Faith: The Relationship between an Agent and a Principal
      • Meeting Obligations: The Relationship Between an Agent and a Customer
      • Making Money (No, Not at the Copy Machine)
      • Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow: Ending an Agency Relationship
      • Review Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 5: Knowing the Fair Housing Laws for Selling Real Estate
      • Practicing Fair Housing: The Basics
      • Don’t Do It: Avoiding Discriminatory Actions
      • Feeling Safe: Identifying Who’s Protected
      • Bending the Rules: Understanding Exceptions to the Law
      • Extra Coverage: Protecting the Disabled from Discrimination
      • Staying Strong: Enforcing the Law
      • Review Questions and Answers
  • Part 3: It’s All Mine: Owning and Transferring Real Estate
    • Chapter 6: Owning It: Estates and Interests
      • What Do You Own? Understanding Ownership Terms
      • Estates (Even Without the Castles)
      • Eyeing Different Ownership Rights
      • Review Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 7: Understanding Forms of Real Estate Ownership
      • Real Estate Ownership: A Solo or Group Activity
      • Special Types of Ownership: Cooperatives, Condominiums, and More
      • Review Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 8: Knowing the Limitations on Real Estate Ownership
      • Carrying a Not-So-Heavy Encumbrance: Private Limitations on Property Use
      • Land-Use Regulation: A Major Public Limitation
      • The Government Has Its Say: Other Public Limitations on Property Use
      • Review Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 9: Transferring Ownership: Deeds and Title Closing
      • Doing the Deed: Delving into Deed Basics
      • Getting Closure: Title Closing
      • Review Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 10: Giving Up or Losing Property
      • Fine by Me: Giving Up Property Voluntarily
      • By Force: Losing Property Involuntarily
      • Losing Property Very Involuntarily: Passing Title After Passing Away
      • Review Questions and Answers
  • Part 4: A House Is Made of Lots of Paper: Legal and Physical Issues
    • Chapter 11: Contracts 101
      • Agreeing to Do Something: The Basics of Making a Contract
      • So Many Choices: Examining Types of Real Estate Contracts
      • The End of the Line: Discharging a Contract
      • Breaching a Real Estate Contract
      • Review Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 12: Leasing Property
      • Identifying Who’s Who and What’s What
      • The Usual Suspects: Preparing a Typical Lease
      • Distinguishing among Various Types of Leases
      • Breaking a Lease: Types of Eviction
      • Getting What You Paid For
      • Review Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 13: Dealing with Environmental Government Regulations and Issues
      • Deciphering the Federal Government Alphabet Soup
      • Assessing the Environmental Effects of Building Developments
      • This Stuff Can Make You Sick: Examining Environmental Pollutants and Situations
      • Go with the Flow: Water and Waste Issues
      • Review Questions and Answers
  • Part 5: You Want How Much? Valuation and Financing of Real Estate
    • Chapter 14: Appraising Property
      • Figuring Out Appraisal Basics
      • Understanding the Importance of Location!
      • Arriving at Different Types of Value
      • Creating, Changing, and Affecting Values: Some Economic Factors
      • Finding Value by Analyzing Comparable Sales
      • Finding Value by Analyzing Replacement Cost and Depreciation
      • Finding Value by Analyzing a Property’s Income
      • Reconciling a Property’s Value
      • Review Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 15: Finding the Money: Mortgages
      • The Way Things Work: Mortgage Basics
      • Examining Sources of (and Insurance for) Funding
      • Considerations for Lenders Accepting Mortgages
      • Grasping the Different Types of Mortgages
      • Comprehending Mortgage Repayment Plans
      • Endings You Didn’t Anticipate: Foreclosures, Assumptions, and Assignments
      • Being Fair: Consumer Protection Laws
      • Review Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 16: It’s So Taxing: Real Estate Assessment and Taxes
      • Who Wants Your Money, and What Do They Want with It? Collecting Taxes
      • Recognizing What’s So Special about Assessments
      • Go Figure! Calculating Taxes Step by Step
      • Home Free (Sort of): Eyeing Property Tax Exemptions
      • That’s Not Right: Protesting Assessments
      • Pay or Lose: Tax Liens and Sales
      • Review Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 17: Investing in Real Estate
      • Focusing on Property Investment
      • Partnering Up: Real Estate Investment Organization Structures
      • Spending Spree: Acquiring and Building Investments
      • Making Money by Investing in Real Estate
      • Getting Uncle Sam’s Help: The Government’s Role in Investing
      • By the Numbers: Analyzing Investment Properties
      • Review Questions and Answers
    • Chapter 18: All in the Numbers: Real Estate Mathematics
      • Don’t Lose the Faith, but You May Have to Convert
      • Land and Buildings: Measuring Area and Volume
      • Percentages: Pinpointing What You Really Need to Know
      • Commissions: Tracking Your Moolah
      • Making Mortgage Calculations without a Fancy Calculator
      • Oh, the Pain: Calculating Taxes
      • Putting Proration into Perspective
      • Appreciating Appreciation and Depreciation
      • Estimating Appraised Value
      • Review Questions and Answers
  • Part 6: You’re Ready: Taking Practice Exams
    • Chapter 19: Practice Exam One
    • Chapter 20: Answers and Explanations to Practice Exam One
    • Chapter 21: Practice Exam Two
    • Chapter 22: Answers and Explanations to Practice Exam Two
    • Chapter 23: Practice Exam Three
    • Chapter 24: Answers and Explanations to Practice Exam Three
    • Chapter 25: Practice Exam Four
    • Chapter 26: Answers and Explanations to Practice Exam Four
  • Part 7: The Part of Tens
    • Chapter 27: Ten Things to Find Out from Your State’s Real Estate Law
      • Agency Law
      • Fair Housing
      • License Law
      • Limitations on Land Use
      • Money Stuff
      • Ownership Rights, Forms, and Theories
      • Property Disclosure
      • Tenants’ Rights and Rent Control
      • Transferring Ownership Involuntarily
      • Transferring Ownership Voluntarily
    • Chapter 28: Ten Tips to Help You Succeed on the Exam
      • Taking the Exam as Soon as You Can
      • Knowing the Rules (and Following Them)
      • Studying Your State License Law
      • Remembering Important Vocabulary
      • Focusing on Key Concepts
      • Eating Something
      • Staying Cool, Calm, and Collected
      • Paying Attention (without Overthinking)
      • Going with Your Initial Instinct
      • Finishing the Job
  • Appendix A: Glossary
  • Index
  • About the Author
  • Connect with Dummies
  • End User License Agreement


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