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QuickBooks 2015 For Dummies

Vörumerki: Dummies Series
Vörunúmer: 9781118920305
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QuickBooks 2015 For Dummies

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  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Contents at a Glance
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
    • About This Book
    • Foolish Assumptions
    • Icons Used in This Book
    • Beyond the Book
    • Where to Go from Here
  • Part I: Quickly into QuickBooks
    • Chapter 1: QuickBooks: The Heart of Your Business
      • Why QuickBooks?
        • Why you need an accounting system
        • What QuickBooks does
      • What Explains QuickBooks’ Popularity?
      • What’s Next, Dude?
      • How to Succeed with QuickBooks
        • Budget wisely, Grasshopper
        • Don’t focus on features
        • Outsource payroll
        • Get professional help
        • Use both the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet
    • Chapter 2: The Big Setup
      • Getting Ready for the QuickBooks Setup
        • The big decision
        • The trial balance of the century
        • The mother of all scavenger hunts
      • Stepping through the QuickBooks Setup
        • Starting QuickBooks
        • Using the Express Setup
      • The Rest of the Story
      • Should You Get Your Accountant’s Help?
    • Chapter 3: Populating QuickBooks Lists
      • The Magic and Mystery of Items
        • Adding items you might include on invoices
        • Creating other wacky items for invoices
        • Editing items
      • Adding Employees to Your Employee List
      • Customers Are Your Business
      • It’s Just a Job
      • Adding Vendors to Your Vendor List
      • The Other Lists
        • The Fixed Asset Item list
        • The Price Level list
        • The Billing Rate Levels list
        • The Sales Tax Code list
        • The Class list
        • The Other Names list
        • The Sales Rep list
        • Customer, Vendor, and Job Types list
        • The Terms list
        • The Customer Message list
        • The Payment Method list
        • The Ship Via list
        • The Vehicle list
        • The Memorized Transaction list
        • The Reminders list
      • Organizing Lists
      • Printing Lists
      • Exporting List Items to Your Word Processor
      • Dealing with the Chart of Accounts List
        • Describing customer balances
        • Describing vendor balances
        • Camouflaging some accounting goofiness
        • Supplying the missing numbers
        • Checking your work one more time
  • Part II: Daily Entry Tasks
    • Chapter 4: Creating Invoices and Credit Memos
      • Making Sure That You’re Ready to Invoice Customers
      • Preparing an Invoice
      • Fixing Invoice Mistakes
        • If the invoice is still displayed onscreen
        • If the invoice isn’t displayed onscreen
        • Deleting an invoice
      • Preparing a Credit Memo
      • Fixing Credit Memo Mistakes
      • History Lessons
      • Printing Invoices and Credit Memos
        • Loading the forms into the printer
        • Setting up the invoice printer
        • Printing invoices and credit memos as you create them
        • Printing invoices in a batch
        • Printing credit memos in a batch
      • Sending Invoices and Credit Memos via Email
      • Customizing Your Invoices and Credit Memos
    • Chapter 5: Reeling in the Dough
      • Recording a Sales Receipt
      • Printing a Sales Receipt
      • Special Tips for Retailers
      • Correcting Sales Receipt Mistakes
      • Recording Customer Payments
      • Correcting Mistakes in Customer Payments Entries
      • Making Bank Deposits
      • Improving Your Cash Inflow
        • Tracking what your customers owe
        • Assessing finance charges
        • Dealing with deposits
    • Chapter 6: Paying the Bills
      • Pay Now or Pay Later?
      • Recording Your Bills by Writing Checks
        • The slow way to write checks
        • The fast way to write checks
      • Recording Your Bills the Accounts Payable Way
        • Recording your bills
        • Entering your bills the fast way
        • Deleting a bill
        • Remind me to pay that bill, will you?
      • Paying Your Bills
      • Tracking Vehicle Mileage
      • Paying Sales Tax
      • A Quick Word on the Vendor Center Window
    • Chapter 7: Inventory Magic
      • Setting Up Inventory Items
      • When You Buy Stuff
        • Recording items that you pay for upfront
        • Recording items that don’t come with a bill
        • Paying for items when you get the bill
        • Recording items and paying the bill all at once
      • When You Sell Stuff
      • How Purchase Orders Work
        • Customizing a purchase order form
        • Filling out a purchase order
        • Checking up on purchase orders
        • Receiving purchase order items
      • Assembling a Product
        • Identifying the components
        • Building the assembly
      • Time for a Reality Check
      • Dealing with Multiple Inventory Locations
        • Manually keep separate inventory-by-location counts
        • Use different item numbers for different locations
        • Upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
      • The Lazy Person’s Approach to Inventory
        • How periodic inventory systems work in QuickBooks
        • The good and bad of a periodic inventory
    • Chapter 8: Keeping Your Checkbook
      • Writing Checks
        • Writing checks from the Write Checks window
        • Writing checks from the register
        • Changing a check that you’ve written
        • Packing more checks into the register
      • Depositing Money into a Checking Account
        • Recording simple deposits
        • Depositing income from customers
      • Transferring Money between Accounts
        • Setting up a second bank account
        • Recording deposits into the new account
        • About the other half of the transfer
        • Changing a transfer that you’ve already entered
      • Working with Multiple Currencies
      • To Delete or to Void?
      • Handling NSF Checks from Customers
      • The Big Register Phenomenon
        • Moving through a big register
        • Finding that darn transaction
    • Chapter 9: Paying with Plastic
      • Tracking Business Credit Cards
        • Setting up a credit card account
        • Selecting a credit card account so that you can use it
      • Entering Credit Card Transactions
        • Recording a credit card charge
        • Changing charges that you’ve already entered
      • Reconciling Your Credit Card Statement and Paying the Bill
      • So What about Debit and ATM Cards?
      • So What about Customer Credit Cards?
  • Part III: Stuff You Do from Time to Time
    • Chapter 10: Printing Checks
      • Getting the Printer Ready
      • Printing a Check
        • A few words about printing checks
        • Printing a check as you write it
        • Printing checks by the bushel
        • What if I make a mistake?
        • Oh where, oh where do unprinted checks go?
      • Printing a Checking Register
    • Chapter 11: Payroll
      • Getting Ready to Do Payroll without Help from QuickBooks
      • Doing Taxes the Right Way
        • Getting an employer ID number
        • Signing up for EFTPS
        • Employees and employers do their part
      • Getting Ready to Do Payroll with QuickBooks
      • Paying Your Employees
      • Paying Payroll Liabilities
        • Paying tax liabilities if you use a full-meal-deal Payroll service
        • Paying tax liabilities if you don’t use the full-meal-deal payroll service
        • Paying other nontax liabilities
      • Preparing Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns
        • Using the Basic Payroll service
        • Using a Full-Meal-Deal Payroll service
        • Using the QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll service
      • Filing Annual Returns and Wage Statements
      • The State Wants Some Money, Too
    • Chapter 12: Building the Perfect Budget
      • Is This a Game You Want to Play?
      • All Joking Aside: Some Basic Budgeting Tips
      • A Budgeting Secret You Won’t Learn in College
      • Setting Up a Secret Plan
      • Adjusting a Secret Plan
      • Forecasting Profits and Losses
      • Projecting Cash Flows
      • Using the Business Planner Tools
    • Chapter 13: Online with QuickBooks
      • Doing the Electronic Banking Thing
        • So what’s the commotion about?
        • A handful of reasons to be cautious about banking online
        • Making sense of online banking
        • Signing up for the service
        • Making an online payment
        • Transferring money electronically
        • Changing instructions
        • Transmitting instructions
        • Message in a bottle
      • A Quick Review of the Other Online Opportunities
  • Part IV: Housekeeping Chores
    • Chapter 14: The Balancing Act
      • Balancing a Bank Account
        • Giving QuickBooks information from the bank statement
        • Marking cleared checks and deposits
      • Eleven Things to Do If Your Non-Online Account Doesn’t Balance
    • Chapter 15: Reporting on the State of Affairs
      • What Kinds of Reports Are There, Anyway?
      • Creating and Printing a Report
        • Visiting the report dog-and-pony show
        • Editing and rearranging reports
      • Reports Made to Order
      • Processing Multiple Reports
      • Your Other Reporting Options
      • Last but Not Least: The QuickReport
    • Chapter 16: Job Estimating, Billing, and Tracking
      • Turning On Job Costing
      • Setting Up a Job
      • Creating a Job Estimate
      • Revising an Estimate
      • Turning an Estimate into an Invoice
      • Comparing Estimated Item Amounts with Actual Item Amounts
      • Charging for Actual Time and Costs
      • Tracking Job Costs
    • Chapter 17: File Management Tips
      • Backing Up Is (Not That) Hard to Do
        • Backing up the quick-and-dirty way
        • Getting back the QuickBooks data you backed up
      • Accountant’s Copy
      • Working with Portable Files
      • Using an Audit Trail
      • Using a Closing Password
    • Chapter 18: Fixed Assets and Vehicle Lists
      • What Is Fixed Assets Accounting?
      • Fixed Assets Accounting in QuickBooks
      • Setting Up a Fixed Asset List
        • Adding items to the Fixed Asset list
        • Adding fixed asset items on the fly
        • Editing items on the Fixed Asset list
      • Tracking Vehicle Mileage
        • Identifying your vehicles
        • Recording vehicle miles
        • Using the vehicle reports
        • Updating vehicle mileage rates
  • Part V: The Part of Tens
    • Chapter 19: Tips for Handling (Almost) Ten Tricky Situations
      • Selling an Asset
      • Selling a Depreciable Asset
      • Owner’s Equity in a Sole Proprietorship
      • Owner’s Equity in a Partnership
      • Owner’s Equity in a Corporation
      • Multiple-State Accounting
      • Getting a Loan
      • Repaying a Loan
    • Chapter 20: (Almost) Ten Secret Business Formulas
      • The First “Most Expensive Money You Can Borrow” Formula
      • The Second “Most Expensive Money You Can Borrow” Formula
      • The “How Do I Break Even?” Formula
      • The “You Can Grow Too Fast” Formula
        • How net worth relates to growth
        • How to calculate sustainable growth
      • The First “What Happens If . . . ?” Formula
      • The Second “What Happens If . . . ?” Formula
      • The Economic Order Quantity (Isaac Newton) Formula
      • The Rule of 72
  • Appendix A: Installing QuickBooks in a Dozen Easy Steps
  • Appendix B: If Numbers Are Your Friends
  • Appendix C: Sharing QuickBooks Files
  • Index
  • About the Author
  • Wiley End User License Agreement


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Vörumerki: Dummies Series
Vörunúmer: 9781118920305
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