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Limited Liability Companies For Dummies

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  • Introduction
    • About This Book
    • Foolish Assumptions
    • Icons Used in This Book
    • Beyond the Book
    • Where to Go from Here
  • Part I: The ABCs of LLCs
    • Chapter 1: What Is an LLC, Really?
      • Understanding How LLCs Work
        • Owners: You gotta have ’em
        • Contributions: Where the money comes from
        • Allocations and distributions: Getting what you’re due
        • Management: Some folks are just better at it
      • Creating Your Own LLC: Your First Step Toward Success
        • Educating yourself
        • Divvying up the ownership
        • Deciding who manages
        • Choosing your registered agent
        • Bringing your LLC into existence
      • Operating Your LLC
        • Creating your operating agreement
        • Keeping books and records
        • Paying taxes
    • Chapter 2: LLCs: More Handy Than Duct Tape!
      • Understanding Why LLCs Are Awesome
        • Protecting your personal assets
        • Taking charge of charging order protection
        • Enjoying the flexibility of management and ownership rules
        • Choosing your own tax status
        • Distributing profits at your whim
      • Taking a Look at a Few Wrinkles
        • Membership can be a bit tricky
        • Rules governing LLCs vary among states
      • Discovering the LLC’s Many Variations
        • The professional LLC
        • The series LLC
        • The family LLC
        • The low-profit LLC
        • The single-member LLC
    • Chapter 3: Determining Whether an LLC Is Right for You
      • Knowing Your Options: Other Business Structures
        • Going it alone: Sole proprietorships
        • Adding a partner: General partnerships
        • Throwing in a little legal protection: Limited partnerships
        • Meeting the black sheep of the partnership family: LLPs and LLLPs
        • Separating yourself from your business: Corporations
        • Easing the tax burden: S corporations
      • Getting Personal: Using an LLC to Achieve Your Goals
        • Running a small business
        • Raising capital for your business
        • Maximizing real estate investments
        • Planning your estate
        • Protecting your personal assets
  • Part II: Your First Steps: Forming Your LLC
    • Chapter 4: Playing — and Winning — the Name Game
      • Establishing the Best Name for Your LLC
        • Considering naming guidelines
        • Letting the ideas fly
        • Following naming law
      • Determining the Availability of a Name
        • Checking names in your state
        • Getting the name you want with a DBA
        • Conducting a trademark search
        • Going global
      • Protecting Your Name
        • Registering your domain
        • Reserving your name
        • Getting a trademark for your name
      • Completing Your Identity with a Logo
      • Changing Your Name
    • Chapter 5: Choosing the Best State for Your LLC
      • Your State or Not Your State, That Is the Question
        • Considering another state for your LLC
        • Forming your LLC in your home state
        • Looking for LLCs out of state
      • Exploring Tax and Privacy Havens
        • Nevada: Clinging to its heyday
        • Wyoming: The birthplace of LLCs
        • South Dakota: Getting serious
        • Delaware: The heavy hitter with the chancery court
      • Working with a State-Required Registered Agent
        • Why you need a registered agent
        • What your agent should do for you
        • How to find an agent
    • Chapter 6: Creating and Filing Your Articles of Organization
      • Making a Few Big Decisions
        • Choosing the initial members
        • Deciding how you want your company to be managed
      • Preparing Your Articles
        • Meeting your state’s requirements
        • Putting it all together
        • Choosing who signs
      • Filing Your Articles
        • Dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s
        • Sending it off
        • Dealing with a rejected filing
      • Considering Formation Companies
    • Chapter 7: Converting Your Current Business into an LLC
      • Considering Conversion to an LLC
      • Navigating the Tax Minefield
        • Converting from a sole proprietorship
        • Converting from a general or limited partnership
        • Converting from a corporation
      • Executing the Conversion
        • If your state allows statutory conversions
        • If your state doesn’t allow statutory conversions
      • Tying Up Loose Ends After the Conversion
        • Getting around the contractual stuff
        • Transferring your assets
        • Dissolving your old entity
  • Part III: Structuring Your LLC
    • Chapter 8: Tell Uncle Sam How It Is! Choosing How You Want to Be Taxed
      • Getting to Know the Tax Types
        • Partnership taxation
        • Disregarded entity taxation
        • Corporation taxation
        • S corporation taxation
      • Notifying the IRS of Your Election
        • Applying for your tax identification number
        • Making the tax election: Filing Form 8832
    • Chapter 9: Make It Official! Getting Started on Your Operating Agreement
      • What Is an Operating Agreement?
        • What the operating agreement governs
        • Why you need an operating agreement
      • Establishing Your Framework
        • Achieving A+ form and structure
        • Building your outline
      • Drafting Basic Provisions
        • Laying out organizational matters
        • Giving specifics on company records and reporting
        • Getting the boilerplate provisions out of the way
        • Addressing the other stuff
    • Chapter 10: Structuring Your Partnership
      • Understanding the Terminology: Members, Interests, and Certificates
      • Locating and Recruiting Key Partners
        • Finding the yin to your yang
        • Easy tiger! Don’t let excitement cloud your judgment
        • Getting the good ones on board
      • Issuing the Membership
        • Naming the initial members and their contributions
        • Understanding some complexities of member contributions
        • Determining profit and loss distributions
        • Establishing membership classes
        • Deciding on how the members decide
      • Making Folks Earn Their Share: Membership Vesting
        • Deciding on a fair vesting schedule
        • Understanding membership cliffs
        • Avoiding common tax pitfalls
      • Setting Up a Single-Member LLC
        • Keeping your SLLC’s liability protection
        • Creating an operating agreement for an SLLC
      • Setting Up Rules for Managers
        • Outlining the Basics
        • Electing the Managers
        • Delegation of Powers
        • Compensation
    • Chapter 11: Using Your LLC to Attract Investors
      • Structuring Your LLC to Attract Investors
      • Appeasing the SEC with an LLC
        • Seeing how the laws apply to you
        • Exploring securities registration exemptions
      • Flying through State Securities Laws (Blue Sky Laws)
    • Chapter 12: Doing the Membership Shuffle
      • Investigating Intricacies of LLC Membership Interests
        • Determining the value of the membership interest
        • Transferring membership
        • Using transfer restrictions to your advantage
      • Preparing Now For an Easy Transition Later
        • Parting on peaceful terms
        • Removing a member
        • Dealing with the death of a member
        • Creating individual buy-sell agreements
      • Executing the Transition
        • Making room for new members
        • Giving old and new members their fair share
      • Wrapping Up the Operating Agreement
        • Signing and Ratifying
        • Sharing the copies and storing the original
        • Amending the operating agreement
  • Part IV: Running Your Brand-New LLC
    • Chapter 13: Maintaining Your Records (And Your Sanity)
      • Filing Your Initial Report
        • Getting to know your state requirements
        • Keeping your company current
      • Paying to Play: Business Licenses
        • Acquiring state, city, and possibly county business licenses
        • Applying for a sales and use tax permit
        • Following special licensing requirements
      • Meeting Other Pertinent Requirements
        • Federal tax identification number
        • Workers’ compensation insurance
      • (Record) Keeping Your Liability Protection
        • Documenting your decisions with resolutions
        • Creating a company kit
        • Creating and maintaining a membership roll
        • Tracking tax filings and financial information
    • Chapter 14: Making Cents of Taxes
      • Reviewing the Tax Types
        • Disregarded entity taxation
        • Partnership taxation
        • Corporation taxation
        • S corporation taxation
      • Filing Your Federal Returns
        • Sucking it up with sole-proprietorship status
        • Ponying up with partnership taxation
        • Coughing up cash with corporation tax status
        • Shelling it out with S corporation tax status
      • Avoiding LLC Tax Traps
        • Transferring assets into your LLC
        • Dealing with phantom income
        • Minimizing self-employment taxes
    • Chapter 15: Expanding Your Empire: Going National!
      • Registering Your LLC in Multiple States
        • Defining “doing business”
        • Foreign-filing to do business in multiple states
      • Maintaining Your Multi-State LLC
        • Working with a formation company to track your filings
        • Submitting initial reports
        • Obtaining business licenses
        • Paying taxes
        • Withdrawing from a state
        • Changing your home state
    • Chapter 16: Dissolutions: Every Beginning Has an End
      • Getting Clear on the Context
      • It’s Melting! Examining the Reasons Your LLC May Dissolve
        • Voluntary dissolutions: Even the mighty fall
        • Administrative dissolution: The state giveth and the state taketh away
        • Judicial dissolutions: When the gavel strikes
        • Tax terminations: ’Cause the IRS says so
        • Fictional dissolution: A bureaucratic hassle
      • Considering the Future Before Calling It Quits
        • Keeping your LLC on life support
        • All in favor? Taking the vote
        • Planning for the future
      • Undergoing the Dissolution Process
        • Settling your debts: Paying creditors
        • Giving each his due: Paying members
        • Wrapping up the government affairs
        • Making it official: Filing the dissolution
        • Dealing with the tax consequences
        • Following the dissolution checklist
  • Part V: LLCs on Steroids: Advanced Strategies
    • Chapter 17: Using LLCs to Cover Your Assets
      • Knowing the Dangers: What Can Happen without LLC Protection
        • Lawyers and creditors come calling
        • The IRS stakes a claim
        • Liens are lurking
      • Getting the Best Asset Protection with LLCs
        • Setting up a Fort Knox for your personal assets
        • Taking charge of charging order protection
        • Remembering that even charging order protection comes with rules
      • Exploring Strategies for Increased Security
        • Electing a nominee to protect yourself with privacy
        • Setting up multiple LLCs: The more, the merrier!
        • Following the dual-entity strategy
        • Protecting your family with the family LLC
    • Chapter 18: Protecting Real Estate with LLCs
      • Comparing LLCs to Other Possible Real Estate Entities
        • Holding real estate in corporations: The worst choice
        • Falling short with land trusts
      • Looking at LLC Property Logistics
        • Deciding which state to form in
        • Getting lenders to loan to an LLC
        • Transferring the title
  • Part VI: The Part of Tens
    • Chapter 19: Ten Good Reasons to Form an LLC
      • To Customize Your Small Business
      • To Protect Real Estate Assets
      • To Shield Intellectual Property
      • To Raise Seed Capital for Your Business
      • To Plan Your Estate
      • To Do a Short-Term Project
      • To Segregate Assets
      • To Minimize Your Tax Burden
      • To Change the Profit Distributions
      • To Protect Your Personal Assets
    • Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Keep Your Liability Protection Intact
      • File the LLC Properly
      • Find a Partner
      • Create an Operating Agreement
      • Capitalize the Company
      • File Your Annual Reports
      • Hold Member Meetings Regularly
      • Obtain Your Licenses and Permits
      • Avoid Commingling Funds and Assets
      • Sign Your Documents Correctly
      • Give Up Some Control
  • Glossary
  • About the Author
  • Cheat Sheet


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Vörumerki: Dummies Series
Vörunúmer: 9781118856598
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Limited Liability Companies For Dummies

Vörumerki: Dummies Series
Vörunúmer: 9781118856598
Rafræn bók. Uppl. sendar á netfangið þitt eftir kaup

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