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Human Resources Kit For Dummies

Vörumerki: Dummies Series
Vörunúmer: 9781118422953
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Human Resources Kit For Dummies

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Rafbók til leigu í 120 daga. Útgáfa: 3
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  • About the Author
  • Dedication
  • Author’s Acknowledgments
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
    • About This Book
    • Conventions Used in This Book
    • What You’re Not to Read
    • Foolish Assumptions
    • How This Book Is Organized
    • Icons Used in This Book
    • Where to Go from Here
  • Part I: Scoping Out the HR Role
    • Chapter 1: The World of Human Resources
      • Grasping Key HR Responsibilities
      • Building Your Team: Staffing Strategically
      • Keeping Your Best People: The Art of Retention
      • Training and Developing Employees
      • Looking At the Legal Aspects of HR
    • Chapter 2: Setting the Stage: Key HR Trends
      • Working As a Strategist, Not Just an Administrator
      • Taking Technology to the Next Level
      • Understanding the Specialist Economy
      • Building In Workforce Flexibility
      • Making Workforce Diversity Work for Your Organization
      • Easing the Work/Life Conflict
      • Managing Rising Healthcare Costs
    • Chapter 3: HR Technology Systems and Social Tools
      • The Growth of HR-Related Technology
      • Human Resources Information Systems
      • Talent Management Systems
      • Choosing the Systems That Are Right for You
      • Online Social Tools
  • Part II: Putting the Right People in the Right Places
    • Chapter 4: A Bird’s-Eye View: Launching a Workforce Plan
      • Grasping the Big Picture
      • Finding the Right People for Open Positions
      • A Wide World of Talent: Understanding Worker Classification
      • Getting Permanent Benefit from Contingent Workers
    • Chapter 5: Smart Start: Kicking Off the Hiring Process
      • Your Blueprint: Creating the Job Description
      • What’s in a Job Title?
      • Besides Functional Skills, What Does It Take to Do the Job?
    • Chapter 6: You, the Talent Scout: Recruiting for Your Team
      • Putting Your Firm’s Best Foot Forward
      • Kicking Off the Process
      • Getting the Word Out: How to Write a Great Job Posting
      • Investigating Candidate Sourcing Strategies
      • Diversity Recruiting: Benefiting from a Diverse Workforce
      • Handling Helicopter Parents
      • Keeping Tabs on Your Progress
    • Chapter 7: Narrowing Down the Field: Evaluating Applicants
      • First Contact: The Résumé
      • Job Applications: Are They Obsolete?
      • Setting Up a System for Evaluating Candidates
      • Testing: Knowing What Works and What’s Legal
      • Phone Interviews: Narrowing Your List Further
    • Chapter 8: One on One: Getting the Most out of Interviewing
      • Interviewing: The Basics
      • The Five Deadly Sins of Job Interviewing
      • Setting the Stage
      • The Introduction: Warming Up
      • Q&A: Mastering the Art
      • A Crash Course in Nondiscriminatory Questioning
      • Solid Questions to Ask and How to Interpret the Answers
      • End Game: Closing on the Right Note
    • Chapter 9: The Home Stretch: Making the Final Decision
      • Coming to Grips with the Decision-Making Process
      • Utilizing the Tools of the Trade
      • Selecting Your Candidate: You Need a System
      • Hiring Right
      • Getting a Broader View
      • Discovering the Truth about Background Checks
      • Making Offers They Can’t Refuse
  • Part III: Keeping Your Best People
    • Chapter 10: Starting New Hires Off on the Right Foot
      • Onboarding: Going Beyond Orientation
      • Three Unproductive Approaches
      • Doing It Right: A Little Empathy Goes a Long Way
      • The First Day: Easing Anxieties
      • The First Week: Revealing More about the Company and the Job
      • Beyond Onboarding
      • Employee Handbook and Separate Procedures Manual: Yes, You Need Both
    • Chapter 11: Ensuring a Competitive Compensation Structure
      • Your Role Defined
      • The Basic Language of Employee Compensation
      • The Foundation for an Effective Compensation System
      • Exempt and Nonexempt: Why the Distinction Matters
      • What You Need to Know about Raises, Bonuses, and Incentives
      • What to Communicate about Your Policies
    • Chapter 12: Creating the Right Benefits Package
      • What’s a Benefit Anyway?
      • Key Trends in Benefits Management
      • The Basics of Benefits Coverage
      • A Healthy Approach to Insurance
      • Retirement Plans
      • The Rest of the Benefits Smorgasbord
      • Employee Assistance Programs
      • Five Ways to Make Your Life Easier
    • Chapter 13: Creating an Employee-Friendly Work Environment
      • Goodbye, 9 to 5: Alternate Work Arrangements
      • Popular Perks
      • Corporate Citizenship
      • Team Opportunities
      • Employee Surveys: Keeping Tabs on Company Morale
  • Part IV: Developing Your Employees
    • Chapter 14: Back to School: Tying Training to Business Goals
      • The Changing Face of Training
      • Creating the Right Environment for Training
      • Assessing Your Training Needs
      • Tying Training Needs to Strategic Goals
      • Evaluating Training Methods
      • Knowing What Makes for a Good Training Program
      • Using Employee Profiles to Manage Training
      • But Is It Working? Measuring Results
    • Chapter 15: Win-Win: Adding Value through Career Development
      • Understanding Why Career Development Matters
      • Seeing Mentoring As a Tool for Growth
      • You Can’t Do It All Yourself: Developing Strong Leaders
      • The Future Is Now: Succession Planning
      • Saying Thank-You: Focusing on Employee Recognition
    • Chapter 16: Assessing Employee Performance
      • Reaping the Benefits of Performance Appraisals
      • Deciding on a Performance Appraisal System
      • Launching an Appraisal Program in Your Company
      • Getting the Most Out of the Performance Appraisal Meeting
      • Following Up on Performance Appraisals
  • Part V: Law and Order
    • Chapter 17: Navigating the Legal Minefield of Hiring and Managing
      • Legal Matters: The Big Picture
      • Keeping the Peace
      • Discrimination
      • Disparate Impact
      • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
      • The Family of EEO and Other Employment Laws: A Closer Look
    • Chapter 18: Handling Difficult Situations
      • Establishing an Ethical Culture
      • Fleshing Out the Meaning of At-Will Employment
      • Staying Out of Court
      • Developing Progressive Disciplinary Procedures
      • Defusing Grievances
      • Settling Disputes: Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs
      • Firing Employees: It’s Never Easy
      • Easing the Trauma of Layoffs
      • Protecting the Safety and Health of Your Employees
      • Sexual Harassment: Keeping Your Workplace Free of It
      • Dealing with Workplace Violence
  • Part VI: The Part of Tens
    • Chapter 19: Ten Keys to HR Success in the Future
      • Adopt a Strategic Approach to Staffing
      • Understand the Strength of Traditional and New Strategies in Recruiting
      • Seek to Create a Healthy Culture
      • Get the Most out of Contingent Staffing
      • Take a Proactive Approach to Regulatory Compliance
      • Make Work/Life Balance a Priority
      • Keep Pace with Changing Demographics
      • Play It Safe When It Comes to HR Technology
      • View Training As an Ongoing Investment
      • Handle Discipline and Dismissal Carefully
    • Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Become a Great HR Professional
      • Develop a Business Orientation to HR Initiatives
      • Position Initiatives As Bottom-Line Benefits
      • Develop a Marketing Mindset
      • Share Your Expertise
      • Serve As the Model
      • Develop Your Communication Skills
      • Move Quickly — But Not Too Quickly
      • Create and Maintain a Flexible Workforce
      • Be Sensitive to the Needs and Agendas of Line Managers
      • Stay on the Leading Edge
    • Chapter 21: Ten HR-Related Websites Worth Exploring
      • American Society for Training & Development
      • Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center
      • Bureau of Labor Statistics
      • The elaws Advisors
      • Human Capital Institute
      • Occupational Safety & Health Administration
      • Society for Human Resource Management
      • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
      • WorldatWork
      • Workforce Online
  • Appendix: About the CD
    • System Requirements
    • Using the CD
    • What You’ll Find on the CD
    • Troubleshooting
    • Customer Care
  • Index


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Vörumerki: Dummies Series
Vörunúmer: 9781118422953
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