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DASH Diet For Dummies

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  • Introduction
    • About This Book
    • Foolish Assumptions
    • Icons Used in This Book
    • Beyond the Book
    • Where to Go from Here
  • Part I: Getting Started with the DASH Diet
    • Chapter 1: What Is DASH?
      • Understanding the DASH Difference
        • Looking at how DASH came to be
        • Recognizing why DASH isn’t just another trendy diet
      • DASH: A Dietary Prescription for a Healthier Lifestyle
        • The basic dietary guidelines
        • The most powerful lifestyle changes
      • Preparing for Success with DASH
        • Adopting an eating style (NOT going on a diet)
        • Creating lifestyle changes that stick
      • A DASH of Caution
    • Chapter 2: The DASH Diet and Wellness: What Scientists Know
      • Exploring the Science behind the Diet
        • Setting up the study
        • Conducting the research
        • Analyzing the results
      • Responding to America’s Salt Obsession with Further DASH Research
      • Omni-Heart: A Variation on the DASH Theme
      • DASH: Powerful Medicine That Doesn’t Come in a Pill
    • Chapter 3: Improving Your Overall Health
      • Fighting the Silent Killer: Hypertension
        • Why blood pressure matters
        • How DASH can help
      • DASH and Cholesterol
        • Why cholesterol matters
        • How DASH can help
      • Battling the Bulge
        • Why weight matters
        • How DASH can help
      • Fighting Diabetes
        • Why diabetes matters
        • How DASH can help
      • Tackling Cancer
        • Why cancer matters
        • How DASH can help
    • Chapter 4: Gearing Up for a DASH Lifestyle
      • Setting Yourself Up for a DASHing Success
      • More of This, Less of That
        • Increasing the quantity of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans
        • Decreasing the amount of saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium
      • Creating Goals for Dietary Change
        • Being SMART
        • Tracking your progress
      • Planning around Obstacles
    • Chapter 5: Presenting Your DASH Nutrition Primer
      • Revealing Where Sodium Hides
        • Processed foods
        • Table salt alternatives
      • Figuring Out How Much Sodium You Really Need
      • Reducing Your Salt Intake by Retraining Your Taste Buds
        • Stepping away from the salt shaker
        • Employing table salt substitutes
      • Examining the DASH Diet Framework
        • 2 to 3 servings of low-fat dairy
        • 4 to 5 servings of vegetables
        • 4 to 5 servings of fruit
        • 6 to 8 servings of grains
        • Small servings of better fats
        • 2 servings of lean proteins
        • 4 to 5 servings of nuts, seeds, and legumes
  • Part II: DASHing toward Better Health
    • Chapter 6: Taking Charge of Hypertension
      • A Crash Course in Cardiology
      • Zeroing In on Blood Pressure Basics
        • Figuring out what those numbers indicate
        • Understanding high blood pressure readings
      • Distinguishing between Primary and Secondary Hypertension
      • Examining the Factors That Contribute to Primary Hypertension Risk
        • Diet
        • Obesity
        • Exercise
        • Smoking
        • Alcohol
        • Stress
        • Family history
        • Age
      • Exploring the Medical Treatments for Hypertension
      • Reducing Your Risk of Hypertension with DASH
    • Chapter 7: Lessening the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke
      • Introducing the Cholesterol Component of Cardiovascular Disease
        • Understanding how plaque happens
        • Breaking down the ideal numbers
      • Getting Acquainted with Matters of the Heart
        • Palpitations: Heart rhythms gone haywire
        • Heart attack: When the flow of oxygen-rich blood gets blocked
        • Heart failure: When the heart can’t keep up
      • Stroke, Otherwise Known as a “Brain Attack”
        • Sifting through the facts on strokes
        • Acting FAST if you suspect a stroke
      • Fighting Heart Disease and Stroke with DASH
    • Chapter 8: Contributing to a Healthy Weight
      • Understanding the True Effect of Excess Weight on Your Health
        • Diabetes
        • Hypertension
        • High cholesterol, heart disease, and stroke
        • Lung disease
        • Intestinal issues
        • Reproductive issues
        • Arthritis
        • Cancer
        • Mental health issues
      • Who’s at Risk for Obesity?
      • Figuring Out whether You’re Overweight
        • Determining your BMI
        • Measuring waist circumference
      • Eating Your Way to a Healthy Weight with DASH
        • Losing weight
        • Maintaining a healthy weight
    • Chapter 9: Reducing Diabetes Risk
      • Digging into Diabetes
        • Pre-diabetes
        • Metabolic syndrome
      • Examining the Not-So-Obvious Downsides of Diabetes
      • Determining Your Risk for Diabetes
      • Watching for the Signs That You Have Diabetes
      • Treating Diabetes
        • Lifestyle
        • Pills
        • Shots
      • DASH and Diabetes: A Perfect Prescription
    • Chapter 10: Keeping You Healthy from Head to Toe
      • Realizing How Food Affects Your Brain
        • Breaking down brain fog
        • Mulling over mild cognitive impairment
        • Bettering your brain function with DASH
      • Maintaining Healthy Kidney Function
        • Getting a grip on normal kidney function
        • Discovering how hypertension impairs kidney health
        • Creating balance with DASH
      • Reducing Cancer Risk
        • What you should know about cancer
        • DASH as cancer prevention
  • Part III: Enjoying Life the DASH Way
    • Chapter 11: Adopting the DASH Diet
      • Creating a Change-Driven Plan of Attack
      • Easing Tasty, DASH-Friendly Foods into Your Diet
        • Sneaking in fruits and veggies
        • Enjoying vegetables in new ways
        • Going beyond plain ol’ milk to get your daily dairy
      • Surveying Common Obstacles
        • Forgetting about liquid calories
        • Craving junk food
        • Meeting resistance within your household
      • Presenting a Sample 14-Day Meal Plan
    • Chapter 12: DASHing Successfully Through the Grocery Store
      • Getting Organized before You Go
      • Deciphering the Many Details and Claims on Food Packaging
        • Analyzing the Nutrition Facts label
        • Vetting nutrient claims
      • Treading Carefully in the Center Aisles
      • Focusing on the Perimeter of the Store for Wholesome Food Choices
        • Checking out the produce aisle
        • Sorting through the bread options
        • Protein pointers
        • Browsing the dairy case
        • Choosing wisely in the freezer section
        • Buying fats and oils
      • Heading Home and Storing Your Food with Care
    • Chapter 13: Setting up a DASH-Friendly Kitchen
      • Creating a Healthy Pantry
        • Pantry staples
        • Refrigerator staples
        • Freezer staples
      • Arming Yourself with the Right Kitchen Supplies
        • Cookware basics
        • Essential knives
        • Helpful kitchen tools
      • Infusing More Flavor into Food — without Salt
        • Citrus
        • Spice blends
        • Aromatic vegetables
        • Veggie purées
        • Coulis
        • Salsas
        • Roasting and grilling
      • Making Over Recipes So You Can Indulge without Guilt
        • Changing cooking methods
        • Modifying ingredients
    • Chapter 14: DASH Meal-Planning Strategies
      • Getting a Grip on How Meal Planning Works
        • Using MyPlate to plan DASH-friendly meals
        • Putting portions into perspective
      • Starting the Day off Right
        • Grab-and-go breakfasts
        • Make-ahead morning fixings
      • Packing Your Lunch to Avoid the Takeout Trap
        • Embracing the bento box
        • Going beyond PB & J
      • Taking Shortcuts to Dinnertime
        • Prepping ingredients ahead of time
        • Stocking up on freezer-friendly staples
        • Putting your slow cooker to work
        • Cooking in batches
        • Making one-pot meals
        • Livening up leftovers
    • Chapter 15: Presenting Strategies for Dining Out and Traveling
      • Dining Out with DASH, Generally Speaking
        • Lay off the salt shaker
        • Share and share alike
      • Finding the Healthy Options at Various Types of Restaurants
        • Sit-down restaurants
        • Fast food places
        • Ethnic options
      • Planning Ahead to Follow DASH on the Road
        • Travel tips to help you stick to your goals
        • Simple portable snacks
    • Chapter 16: Adopting Everyday Lifestyle Changes
      • Remembering That the Rat Race Isn’t Really a Race
        • Getting enough quality sleep
        • Savoring your food rather than scarfing it down
        • Practicing mindfulness in your everyday life
      • Coping with Stress
        • Exercising regularly
        • Connecting the mind and body with yoga
        • Meditating
      • Calling on Your Support System
        • Figuring out how family and friends can help
        • Enlisting an exercise partner
      • Sticking to the DASH Plan
        • Building strategies toward lasting success
        • Keeping track of where you’re at with a journal or app
        • Dealing with falling off the wagon
  • Part IV: Smashing DASH Recipes
    • Chapter 17: Breakfast and Brunch Options
      • Unscrambling Breakfast, the Most Important Meal of the Day
      • Getting Creative with the Food Groups
    • Chapter 18: Heart-Healthy Lunches
      • Preparing the Big Three: Sandwiches, Salads, and Soups
    • Chapter 19: Mouth-Watering Entrees
      • Keeping Protein Portions in Perspective
      • Building Flavor with Techniques and Seasonings
    • Chapter 20: Side Dishes to Savor
      • Embracing the Complexity and Tastiness of Whole Grains and Vegetables
    • Chapter 21: Meatless Main Dishes
      • The Magic of Plant Food
    • Chapter 22: Slow Cooker and “One-Pot” Meals
      • Keeping It Simple with One-Dish Wonders
      • Wrapping Up Dinner Fast with Foil
  • Part V: The Part of Tens
    • Chapter 23: Ten Tips to Follow DASH on a Budget
      • Plan Meals and Snacks for the Week
      • Choose Unprocessed Foods
      • Purchase in Bulk
      • Select In-Season Produce
      • Buy Store Brands
      • Skip Convenience Foods
      • Buy Food from Local Farmers
      • Grow Your Own Veggies and Herbs
      • Cook at Home
      • Go Meatless Once a Week
    • Chapter 24: Ten Ways to Add Flavor without Salt
      • Sauté, Grill, and Roast
      • Add Herbs and Spices
      • Squeeze in Some Citrus
      • Toss in Onions, Peppers, Garlic, and More
      • Use Fresh Ginger and Horseradish
      • Cook with Oils and Flavored Oils
      • Pour in Vinegars, Wine, and Liqueur
      • Purée and Chop Vegetables
      • Make Rubs and Marinades
      • Sprinkle on a Wee Bit of Cheese
    • Chapter 25: Ten Lifestyle Changes to Make So You Can Beat Hypertension
      • Lose Weight and Keep It Off
      • Develop an Exercise Routine
      • Stick to DASH
      • Eat Less Salt
      • Add Good Fats to Your Diet
      • Avoid Drinking Alcohol Excessively
      • Don’t Use Tobacco Products
      • Stress Less
      • Enlist Your Family and Friends
      • Follow Your Doctor’s Orders
  • Appendix: Metric Conversion Guide
  • About the Authors
  • Cheat Sheet
  • More Dummies Products


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Vörumerki: Dummies Series
Vörunúmer: 9781118880821
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DASH Diet For Dummies

Vörumerki: Dummies Series
Vörunúmer: 9781118880821
Rafræn bók. Uppl. sendar á netfangið þitt eftir kaup

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